ONELINEDESIGN is the artlogo of the German artist Julia Thiemicke. The name says it all - these unique hand drawn designs are made of one continuous line, which creates an image without one line ever crossing another.
The idea is simple yet the outcome is complex. The style is organic, in that it calls for live models and motives.


"Once I tried drawing a building with 'Oneline' but that didn't work at all!" Julia says. "It's almost as if the line has a life of its own, as though I'm only offering my hand, so that the idea or shape can communicate itself through me.

I' ve really got very little to do with it!" she laughs. "I've always had a strong affinity with shape and form, rather than with colour. Looking back on my early schoolwork it's amazing to see how black and white artwork was clearly my favourite and strongest work."


Onelinedesign has existed since the year 2000. Apart from the oneline drawings she also works with dots, vertical lines and 'scribbles'.